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Ivory Tower is a classic rock and roll band playing primarily top performer hit songs.  We established the band with the idea that vocal harmonies were key to the success of any enjoyable outing.  Most bands can play "music" - very few bands have exceptional vocals.  All members of Ivory Tower sing and harmonize.  Our six piece group consists of a keyboard player/vocalist along with two guitars, bass, lead female singer and a drummer.  Classic music from the Beatles, Tom Petty, Eric Clapton, the Stones, CCR, CSNY, Fleetwood Mac, all contribute to our mix.  Newer music from four-non-blondes, Haelstorm, Fleetwood Mac, KT Tunstall, Gloria Gaynor,U2, Queen, Pink, Pretty Reckless and others are added continuously.  We play several country western songs, and have on occasion thrown in a polka number or

two !!

Our music and show performances are "audience friendly" - we do not use vulgar language on stage - there is no hard metal rock - no hip hop.  We solicit audience participation - involve the kids if they are part of the audience - and play music satisfying to all ages.

We provide all our own equipment, PA, lighting, and we even have our own stage.  We do not need to rely on any outside vendor assistance, allowing us to fine tune setups knowing that only well understood equipment is being implemented.  In addition, playing outside (ballparks, parking lots, street parties) becomes substantially less expensive for our clients because all this equipment comes with our standard pricing packages.

We would be honored to assist with your special event.  You would find us easy to work with - we will learn specific songs requested by our customers for their event - and mix those into our standard set list.